Got Caught in a Slow-Speed Chase…

Track practice was over for my middle daughter and we stopped by the store, Justice, to buy a pair of shorts before heading home. That’s a routine evening, right? As we pulled away from the store the traffic light turned red at the corner. My daughter and I were talking and she was excited about the new shorts that she had bought.

As we sat at the red light a gold-colored Pontiac Grand Prix pull into the turn lane directly beside us. After a momentary stop in the turn lane, the driver sped straight across the intersection at a blazing 10 mph. At that moment the Dallas Police Dept already had 3 cars following her and one more speeding toward us to join the fray. Evidently, there was a slow-speed chase already in process. The light turned green and the flow of traffic was going the same speed as the dramatic car chase in front of us, so each of us got to be a part of the excitement. Then 2 more cop cars came to join the fun. The way that they approached caused all of the cars on the busy street to move forward faster and to get closer to the pursuit.

As the flow of traffic followed the action for about a mile, my daughter looked at the flashing lights and 6 cop cars and said, “This is sooooo cool!”…spoken like a true jr high girl. Oddly, she was right! Several of the cars were jockeying to pass each other in order to keep up with the chase. The “rubber neck” mindset was in full effect. The driver of the gold Pontiac ignored most of the traffic laws, ran a red-light and turned her car down Mockingbird Lane toward highway 75…so, we turned down Mockingbird Lane too – along with 15 other cars. Is that bad?

The car picked up a bit of speed and left behind the intrigued caravan of followers. The evening, and the traffic, was back to normal. My daughter and I laughed about the surprise twist in our drive home and headed toward the house.

I guess there’s never a dull moment in East Dallas.

Twitter: @MichaelD_Norman

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