Effective Prayer

prayer2-620x499I pulled out my Bible and flipped through the thin pages that fit between the leather cover. I stopped in the Book of James. I read James 5:16b;

“The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”

This verse shows me that God intends for us to pray. It is also God’s intent to respond to our prayers. When God wants to pour out His Holy Spirit, when God wants to bless, when God wants to extend mercy – it is in those moments He sets his people to prayer. Prayer is the impetus for spiritual renewal.

God doesn’t want us to just have ritualistic or ‘formula’ prayers. Instead, prayers with a genuine pursuit of God. Prayer filled with humility. Prayers that are not simply asking for WHAT God can do for us, but a pursuit of WHO He is.

Prayers of humble pursuit of God leads to seeing God and His nature. When we know His nature it changes our prayer life. We begin to pray in a way that honors Him…and when we are praying in a way that honors God we begin to see prayers that are making a difference.

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